Envitec Reusable SPO2 Sensor SoftTip Small | Physio-Control Lifepak Defibrillator 12/15

Reusable pulse oximetry sensors with easy handling, optimal cleaning, and thorough disinfection. Maximum resistance to mechanical stress.

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This adult size soft SpO2 Sensor represents a completely new generation of SpO2 finger clip sensors.

Cleaning options include not only thermal disinfection but also the widely used method of steam sterilisation, meaning much simpler handling, along with maximum safety for patients and users, especially in clinical settings.
It can be reused again and again and withstands maximum mechanical stress. This means a rapid return on investment and huge cost savings compared with alternative solutions.

Suitable for the Physio-Control LIFEPAK 12 and 15 Defibrillator Monitor.


Comfortable and precise: The unique product design guarantees extraordinarily high patient comfort and exceptionally accurate measurement results.

Robust and reliable: This sheath-like designed sensor is not only resilient to immersion, but also extremely resistant to mechanical stress and resulting failure. The life of the product is three times longer than comparable conventional finger sensors.


LIFEPAK 12 Nellcor DB9 SpO2 Sensor Reusable 11996-000106 (NEW) | LIFEPAK 12 Nellcor DB9 SpO2 Sensor Reusable 11996-000106 (USED)

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