Masimo LNCS Patient Cable (Used) | Physio-Control Lifepak Defibrillator 15

Available in lengths of 4, 10 or 14 feet.

€ 106,50

SKU: 11996-00323/324/325
Category: Defibrillator Accessories

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The LIFEPAK 15 Masimo RED LNCS Patient Cable is a Pulse Oximetry Monitoring accessory. This extension cable connects to Masimo SET SpO2 enabled monitoring devices with a Red 20 pin connector and connects to compatible SpO2 sensors through an LNCS 9 pin connector.

LNCS sensors provide excellent SpO2 performance while facilitating patient comfort with a connector positioned away from the sensor application site.

It is an accessory every paramedic needs to complete their Lifepak 15 kit.


Adult 3 ft 11996-000323 (New) | Adult 3 ft 11996-000323 (Used) | Adult 10 ft 11996-000324 (New) | Adult 10 ft 11996-000324 (Used) | Adult 14 ft 11996-000325 (New) | Adult 14 ft 11996-000325 (Used)

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