SAM Pelvic Sling II (Used)

Stabilize pelvic fractures with the correct force. Compact, easy to use and suitable for any patient.

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This Sling can be used to stabilize pelvic fractures with the correct force. This standard size fits 98% of the population (hip circ. 81-127 cm)
Surgeons around the world agree that stabilizing pelvic fractures during the first hour can contain potentially devastating hemorrhages.
The SAM Pelvic Swing 2 has been designed to exert the right amount of force, by not over- or undertightening. It is compact, easy to use and unaffected by extreme moisture or temperatures.
It can also be used during MRI and CT-scans and can be cleaned for re-use.

This pelvic sling can easily be applied by following 3 steps, in under a minute:
1. Remove objects from patient’s pockets or pelvic area. Place the SAM Sling II with the black side up at hip level
2. Place the black strap through the buckle and pull all the way through
3. Then hold the Orange strap and pull the black strap in opposite direction until you hear and feel the buckle click.
Maintain tension and immediately press the black strap onto the surface of the sling to secure it.


Velcro Strap
Quick and easy fastening

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