Dutch Face Masks IIR Certification (50 Masks)

Over 98% bacterial filtration + efficiency (BFE) and has all required certifications.

€ 7,50

Category: Social Masks

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A great option for if you want to protect yourself. Against the corona virus, but also against viruses that cause flu or cold.

Our masks are:

    • produced in the Netherlands and European certified;
    • provided with the CE mark;
    • sustainable now that air pollution from long journeys has been minimized and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard;
    • 100% latex free; always available;
    • decently priced;
    • equipped with light orange rubber bands with which they distinguish themselves in the market (also available with white elastic bands)

These mouthmasks are certified and are a type IIR product, which means that:

  • It has over 98% bacterial filtration + efficiency (BFE).
  • It has a pressure difference (Pa/cm2) of less than <60
  • It’s splash resistant
  • Microbial cleanliness less than <30.

For more information: Find the leaflet here

Minimal purchase: 2000 sets (each set contains 50 masks)


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