MEBER Ambu Med Rescue Backpack 1362 (New)

Modular, compact and simple knapsack with velcro and straps system for easy reorganizing of different tools and materials.

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Modular knapsack compact, simple and suitable for rescue volunteers and professionals.
• 4 external side pockets.
• Velcro stripes for holding 4 coloured pockets with transparent window reinforced with double sewing
• and 2 professional bags to store and organize different tools and materials.

This knapsack is completed by a frontal pocket with inner straps to secure different objects,
• 3 anti-slip rubber handles (1 on the upper side and 2 on lateral sides) to carry by hand and on the back side.
• 2 shoulder bands with reflecting stripes.


56 x 50 x 25 cm (LxHxD)

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