OMRON HBP-1300 Blood Pressure Monitor (Used)

Professional but easy to use device with great features. Includes 3 Cuffs and 220v Charger.

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The Omron HBP-1300 is a blood pressure monitor is specifically designed for professional use. It includes various options that are important in a professional medical environment.

The meter can be used by anyone and is easy to use. Omron’s Intellisense technology ensures that the cuff is never overinflated.

The main features:

  • Stop function on movement (if body movement is detected, the device will stop deflating for 5 seconds).
  • Irregular Heartbeat Indicator: Helps identify changes in heart rate, rhythm, or pulse that may be caused by heart disease or other serious health conditions
  • Inflation pressure setting – 4 options: Auto, 220 mmHg, 250 mmHg, 280 mmHg
  • Last measured value display function
  • Auto power off
  • Large, easy-to-read, backlit display


Including 3 cuffs
Including 220v charger

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