Physio Control LifePak CR Plus AED (Refurbished)

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The Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus AED defibrillator is fully or semi-automatic, with a simple two-step process that gives the first person to respond to a SCA victim the confidence they need to help save a life. The fully automatic model of the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is designed to deliver a shock only if it determines a heart needs it. No one even needs to press a shock button.
The CR Plus AED defibrillator uses ADAPTIV biphasic technology. This means that if the heart does not respond to the initial shock, the device will administer additional shocks, up to 360 Joules. This way it may increase the chance to save lives.

The Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED package includes:
• Recertified Physio-Control LIFEPAK AED
• 1x Medtronic Lifepak – Physio-Control CHARGE-PAK CR PLUS Article 11403-000002
• 1x Battery