Physio-Control TrueCPR Coaching Device (Refurbished)

A small, lightweight aid for responders that offers real-time feedback during chest compressions and recommendations for improvement after the event.

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The TrueCPR coaching device is a coaching tool to optimize resuscitation performance.
The device gives direct feedback on the actions and can be used in combination with any brand of defibrillator. TrueCPR accurately displays the CPR-depth measurement, providing a clearer picture of CPR performance during and after CPR. The metronome also helps the caregiver by ensuring the right amount of compressions are given per minute.

The different options are open for configuration. It is very quick and easy to place on the body. It’s portable, light and compatible with any kind of defibrillator. It is ideal to use for training, in the field or in an ambulance or hospital.

You can find more information about the TrueCPR here


220 x 220 pixels, color TFT with LED backlight
Metronome Rate
104.4 compressions per minute
Compression Depth
Target depth range of 5-6cm (2 to 2.5 in)
CPR-Feedback mode / Event Review Mode
Battery life
180 minutes on Duracell® batteries
USB Connectivity
Easy to clean
Water resistant
Highly Visible Dial with Real-time Feedback
6 month Diac Medical Warranty

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